Now that we are in September, it is clear that summer has left our shores here in Cornwall. The shimmering sapphire sea has started to turn a deeper navy as the gorgeous sunshine has faded away for another year, bring in the colours and flavours of autumn. However, that doesn’t mean you still won’t find us out and about in Cornwall still enjoying all of the delicious beers that the Westcountry has to offer.

During the latter part of the year, the weather gets slightly colder so deeper and richer notes of berries and even chocolate make beer so much more enjoyable. Rather than lager, we lean more towards beers with slightly more body such as stouts, porters and bitters that really awaken the palette and blend beautifully with richer autumn dishes such as pies, steaks and roasts.

To help make your autumnal beer selection process easier, we have chosen 7 of the best beer choices for autumn from our vast collection below. Remember, we stock a huge variety of beer so take a look at our website for more options.

Zingibeer - Ginger beer (ABV 5.5%)

What better way is there to warm up than enjoying a fresh ginger beer? Brewed with 100% root ginger, chillies and just a dash of zest, this ginger beer is beautifully refreshing while at the same time awakening the senses.

Cornish Best Bitter - Bitter (ABV 4.2%)

Bottle conditioned to enhance the flavour, this Cornish Best Bitter offers an amber colour with a lovely wheat and barley finish. The perfect tipple.

Blue Organic Dark Ale - Porter (ABV 4.8%)

Produced with five different malts, this porter is smokey with deep notes of coffee and dark chocolate. A stunning porter from Atlantic Brewery.

Spingo Middle Blue Anchor - Bitter (ABV 5.0%)

Blue Anchor’s most popular beer, this sweet strong bitter was originally brewed in celebration of the return of the local soldiers from World War 1. The bitter is bold and warming with caramel and deep sweet malty flavours. Perfect to enjoy on a cold autumn evening.

Brian Dynamite Valley Brewery - Bitter (ABV 5.0%)

An amber bitter that is deep red and offers the classic taste of bitter with a nutty aroma and caramel flavour. This beer is simple in name, but really packs a punch.

Penny Come Quick - Milk Stout (ABV 4.8%)

A dark Cornish milk stout with coffee and chocolate flavours balanced with the floral overtones of Northdown and Mount Hood hops. A great wholesome stout that lingers.

Sea Fury - Beer (ABV 5.0%)

With inviting dark berry aromas, full malt and sweet hops, this bold beer is lovely enjoyed relaxing in front of an open fire.

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Post By Ed Mason