When it comes to enjoying beer, there are a few dos and don'ts you need to be aware of. Whether it's serving a warm beer or choosing the right glassware, we've put together our essential etiquette secrets you need to follow before you crack open your next bottle...

Do Not Offer Guests A Warm Beer

This is the #1.  sin when it comes to beer drinking. Receiving a room temperature beer is the fastest way to create a lukewarm reception to party or get-together

Know What You Like

Is this drinking etiquette I here you ask? Perhaps not, but knowing a little bit about beer and your own personal tastes helps build a level of refinement that will hold you in good stead in whichever pub, bar or restaurant you find yourself in - turning you into a beer drinking expert with every new tipple you try.

Wait Until Everyone Has Their Beer

Because saying "cheers!" just isn't the same when you're sat round the table and only half the group has a beer in hand...

Choose Your Glassware Wisely

Every brand of alcohol has it's very own special glass to pour it in - chosen for the drinker to get the very best out of the taste and aroma of the beer - even the thickness of the glass and the stem have been considered to control the temperature and complete the experience. Although you may not own the exact branded glassware, the principle remains so presenting your guests with beautiful glasses to accompany your drinks is going to make a big impression.

Embrace The Beer Head

There's something about a beer with a flat head that's just off putting - not only does it look like there's something missing from your beer, you could also be compromising the flavour. A thick, creamy collar of foam helps to accentuate and capture the aroma of the beer. That first sip, when the foam sits on your tongue as the beer goes down, really gives your taste buds a really zing of flavour.

Reject The Frozen Glass

There is such a thing a beer being too cold, so if you receive a frozen glass, ask for a non-chilled alternative. We love a beer that tastes ice cold, but there's something about a frozen glass that just neutralises the flavour - if you're hosting, those room temperature glasses will be fine once your refrigerated beer fills them.

Post By Ed Mason