When overly fruity cocktails and big glasses of rosé aren’t your ideal July drink, what beers should you turn to for that dreamlike quench? Cider is considered the king of summer drinks round these parts, and whilst we’d never say no to a nicely chilled bottle, we know plenty who just aren’t fond of the apple taste. Therefore, we’ve gathered 10 of the best summer beers from our stock to ensure you always have a pint of pure refreshment.


1. Cornish Golden Lager from St Ives Brewery
With a sweet amber colour and a caramel finish, the bitterness of this lager is perfectly matched by its bite. Often described as a mix between San Miguel and Corona, this ultimately better beer is the perfect match for proper summer food.



2. Harbourside from St Ives Brewery
Light and golden, this ale is ideal when you need just a light summer drink. Its low ABV allows room for citrus notes and a refreshing floral bitterness that will cause you to instantly reminisce about Cornwall’s lush shores.


3. Castle Gold from Tintagel Brewery
A golden, hoppy and light ale – what else could you want from a summer drink? Few brews are as beloved here in the South West as Castle Gold, though that may be because it’s brewed with pure Cornish spring water…


4. Kynance Blonde from Cornish Chough
Its colour may be distinctive, but we can’t imagine many summer ales competing with Kynance Blonde’s crisp palate, underlying esters and rich malty fruit flavours.


5. Wolf Rock from Sharp’s Brewery
The rich ruby liquid in this bottle will quickly become a favourite sight come July. With a resinous herby hop and ripe summer fruit aroma, the crisp malt finish of this red IPA makes it ideal to have at hand around a summer campfire.


6. Maiden Voyage from Age of Scilly
Brewed using malted Maris Otter barley and a blend of English hops, this flagship beer from Age of Scilly is light, refreshing and quintessentially perfect as an afternoon summer beer.


7. Sail Ale from Rebel Brewing Company
There’s more to sell this golden ale than just a play on words; its celebratory conception (a homage to the Tall Ships Regatta) allows you to quench a radiant thirst with a hefty respect to the rich boating history of Cornwall.


8. Admiral’s Ale from St Austell Brewery
Winner of the International Beer Challenge Awards 2008, this nautical beauty of a beer mixes roasted biscuit malt with a spicy fruit cake flavour. It’s one of the all-time best beers to have with a stake pie – a meal that remains hearty regardless of season.


9. Fistral Organic from Atlantic Brewery
Inside every bottle of this dry premium beer, there’s an extra matured brew that has been concocted with only the finest ingredients. If you like a fresh piece of fish in the summer, then we recommend this as an accompaniment.


10. Alcoholic Ginger Beer from Cornish Orchards
Our last summer beer is a grown-up take on a classic summer favourite. Gently brewed with root ginger, crushed spices and Cornish spring water, Cornish Orchard’s ginger beer has a smooth, rounded flavour that you’ll instantly be able to identify with.


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Post By Ruby