Bringing a few devilish concoctions to your next Halloween party is a ritual we should all abide by...

But if you're getting ready to dust off your cauldron and conjure up some wicked beverages, where exactly do you start?

This October at Cornish Bottled Beer we're taking no prisoners, and that's why we've put together 6 sinister beers that are not only strong enough to raise the dead, but will make a brilliant statement amongst the vampires, ghosts and goblins at your next dressing up party...

Seven Souls - Sharp's Brewery (ABV 5.4%)

Sell your soul to this exceptionally deep and rich ale from Sharp's. Made with notes of chocolate and coffee over a bitter sweet finish, this is an appealing choice to take you over to the darker side of beer drinking.

An Howl - Penpont Brewery (ABV 5.6%)

This super hopped, robust golden ale really packs a punch. Particularly when consumed on the night of a full moon...

Grim Reaper - Keltek Brewery (ABV 6.0%)

This potent, well balanced winter drink will bring anyone back from the afterlife. Comes with a sweet malt skeleton, fleshed out with a resinous hop and finished off with lingering bitter taste.

Alfie's Revenge - Driftwood Brewery (ABV 6.5%)

This super charged Irish ale is back with a vengeance! Contains a solid blend of pale, crystal, brown and chocolate malt combined with northdown hops.


Beheaded - Keltek Brewery (ABV 7.6%)

Keltek's strongest beer is the perfect way to lose your head - it's smooth, flavoursome and subtly sweet, without any overpowering alcoholic taste.

Hung, Drawn & Slaughtered - Castle Brewery (ABV 10.0%)

We saved the strongest beer for last! Bitter with a touch of sweet and conditioned with barley wine, this robust choice could definitely raise the dead.

Post By Ed Mason