For such a familiar drink in the world of alcohol, beer actually possesses a more detailed production process than you may realise. A staple choice of drink in pubs and bars all over the world, there’s nothing quite like a refreshing pint of beer. Just like cider, beer boasts many varieties and is a favourite for just about any occasion. So why is beer so popular everywhere? Let’s take a look at some unusual facts you may not know about beer!

8.  It Is Divided Into Two Main Categories
To be more specific about beer, it actually has two main categories: ales and lagers. The difference between the two is that ale is produced when yeast is fermented at higher temperatures and lager is produced when yeast is fermented at a lower temperature.

Image of Cornish Best Bitter - Castle Brewery (ABV 4.2%)

7. It Takes Weeks Of Brewing
The production of beer is not an overnight process as it actually takes a few weeks for beer to brew and gain its distinctive flavour.

6. It Has A ‘Hoppy’ Flavour
The avid beer fan may describe flavours of beer as ‘hoppy’, but what exactly does this mean? They are actually referring to the flowers of the hop vine which is where beer gets its flavour from.

5. There Are 400 Types Of Beer
Most people know that beer varies widely, but did you realise just how many types there are? While lagers may be the most common, ale is actually the oldest.

Image of Cadgwith Crabber - Cornish Chough (ABV 4.3%)

4. It Had Religious Value
Years ago, beer was used as part of Egyptian culture and was believed to have helped with illnesses and used to make offerings to God.

3. Water Is The Main Ingredient
Despite the tasty flavours of beer, water is actually the main ingredient and flavour may differ according to the mineral content in different regions.

2. It Should Always Stand Upright
Beer should always be stored in an upright position as this will help to reduce oxidation so it maintains its true flavour and constituency.

1. There Is A Reason For The Beer Head
The frothy foam head at the top of beer actually has an important purpose as a result of gas bubbles. It is produced during the fermentation process and helps to release the hoppy flavour of the beer.


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