Quench your thirst with 9 of the coolest, most frequently asked beer related questions you'd always wanted to know!

How Do You Make Beer?

With hops, barley and time...

Who Invented Beer?

The first inventor of beer is not known. What we do know is that beer is over 10,000 years old and the first brewers were likely the Sumerians in 10,000 BC.

What Is The World's Strongest Beer? 

It's thought to be Brewmeister Snake Venom with an ABV of 67.5%

How Many Calories Does Beer Contain?

It varies, but for a standard 5% beer, around 215 calories.

What Is A Beer Expert Called?

A beer lover or connoisseur is called a cerevisaphile.

How Long Does Beer Stay In Your System? 

It takes around 2 hours for your body to metabolise 1 pint of beer

What Is A Beer Head Made Of?

Carbon dioxide in beer and nitrogen in creamy head beverages such as Guinness.

What Is The Fear Of An Empty Glass Called?


Why Are Beer Bottles Dark?

To prevent the beer from going bad. It was discovered that clear glasses allow UV rays to spoil the flavour. The solution? Using either brown or green glasses to preserve the taste.

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