Even if you’re not a fan of India Pale Ale (IPA) beer, chances are you’ve probably heard of the famous acronym and are wondering what’s so great about it. To put it shortly, it’s all about the hops that give it a distinctive flavour. India Pale Ale has grown to become one of the most hopped styles of beer around, complete with bitter and fruity notes. So if you’re intrigued to know more about the famous beer, here’s our guide to India Pale Ale!

History & The Making
Allegedly tracing back to the 17th century in England, IPA developed as a result of the earliest pale ales with new malting techniques being formed. A popular pale beer at the time was called October beer, which contained a high amount of hops. The IPA is a stronger version of a pale ale and was developed with English yeast, fruity flavour and increased alcohol content. What sets it apart from American versions is the careful balance between malt and hops to give it a more rounded taste. However, there is still a lot of debate these days surrounding the exact creation of this version.

For those who love a hoppy beer, IPA is a great choice to try. The style is also a great starting point for new homebrewers who can experiment with techniques to create hop flavour and different varieties.

English IPA
By definition, IPA is a hoppy pale ale which is produced with English malt, yeast and of course, hops. In contrast, the American version has a more prominent malt flavour and uses different American ingredients. The average alcohol by volume range (ABV) is 4-6.5%.

Cornish IPA is an English India Pale Ale style beer produced in some of Cornwall's finest breweries. Offering a refreshing and full flavour, IPA is certainly worth a try for those who are new to it.

Our IPA Beers

Spingo IPA
A clean tasting hoppy beer, this is a classic brew that was originally produced to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee in 2002.

Spingo IPA - Blue Anchor Brewery (ABV 4.5%)

Kilcobben IPA
Sweet and herby on the nose, this mildly hopped and refreshing IPA contains hints of cinnamon with a citrus linger. The bitter is named after Kilcobben Cove, home to the Lizard Lifeboat.

Kilcobben IPA - Cornish Chough (ABV 5.0%)

Cornish Crown IPA
Pale amber IPA with a touch of crystal malt. Medium to strong bitterness with strong Nelson Sauvin floral finish.

Cornish Crown IPA - Cornish Crown Brewery (ABV 5.5%)

India Pale Ale
Bursting with American hops, this ale contains citrus and spicy flavours with a robust, yet balanced bitterness.

India Pale Ale - Harbour Brewing Company (ABV 5.2%)

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