Drink styles change in popularity throughout the year as the seasonality and availability of our foods alters and as the changing of the seasons affect the desires, thinking, eating and imbibing habits of people generally.

The arrival of the Autumn is a time of plenty and harvest provides spectacular flavours and aromas just waiting to be enjoyed. Shorter days and colder nights demand a different drink style – out go the light, low ABV quaffing beers of the Summer and once again the doors open to something a little more substantial.

Armin selecting seasonal beers
Armin selecting seasonal beers

I make no secret of the fact that, in beer terms, this is my favourite time of year as the more malt dominant products re-emerge. Red Ales, Brown Ales, Stouts and Porters, Strong Ales and Old Ales. A myriad of flavour to enjoy. Darker malts tend to provide more robust flavours – Nut, Chocolate Coffee, Caramel, Biscuit, dark and sweet or strong and dry, robust and warming. Many need treating with respect as ABV’s tend to climb. Some occasions may arise where a stronger beer may need treating more like a wine, sipped in smaller volume – food matched or a bottle shared between two. Barley wine is such an example where to consume a large quantity would certainly have a marked effect on your faculties!

A stout can replace a coffee, a porter can replace a wine, A red ale will compliment a sweet, a robust old ale would sit well with a roast meal .. the possibilities are endless. Beer styles and popularity are cyclical and products are re-emerging that once were considered unfashionable – as a young man I wouldn’t have been seen dead with a bottle of Brown or a glass of Stout - now I actively seek them out! We try to provide all of these styles within the pages of this site, some examples I list below. As Autumn hurtles toward Winter and the festive season gallops into sight, take some time to enjoy and appreciate some real flavour provided by these fabulous beers.

Bottoms Up!

Some of our top seasonal boxes:

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