As the days start to draw in and we remember those long summer evenings in July,  you could be fooled into thinking that autumn is a time without a great seasonal beer to enjoy. You couldn't be more wrong!

In fact, Autumn is time where you can indulge in a range of seasonal beverages that you don't get the chance to drink at any other time of year. So to guide you through, Cornish Bottled Beer & Cider has put together a selection of the best ales and beers to drink when the leaves begin to fall!

Summer is a time of indulgence when it comes to beer and building up a stack of chilled, easy drinking options that you can relax with in the back garden comes an awful lot easier than any other time of year.

But the time comes when those fruit-infused Rattlers simply aren't going to cut it and something darker, richer and more aromatic must take its place.

'Dark & Mysterious' Stout & Porter Gift Box

Autumn is the best time to be introduced to our 'Dark & Mysterious' selection of Cornish stout and porter.

Featuring six enigmatic and irresistible bottles, these drinks include everything from rich, dark ales such as the Hands Down to subtle chocolate-y flavours, hints of coffee and nutty tones that can be tasted in the Fire Raven and Penpont Porter.

Whether you're looking for something robust and smooth or as dark as the night - you'll find some compellingly tasty choices to try here.

A perfect selection for a transitional season! Producing real ales since 2004, Lizard Ales are brewed in the old nuclear bunker at Pednavounder on the Lizard Peninsula, Britain’s most southerly point.
If you're searching for full flavour and plenty of hops, look no further than this twelve piece gift box including 2 Kernow Golds with a light floral aroma, and 3 smooth, nut brown, Lizard Bitters along with many more choices to fit the changing of the seasons.
Not for the faint-hearted, but don't be intimidated! Although this gift box features Cornish beers that are above 5% ABV, these powerful flavours are going to keep you entertained throughout the final quarter of the year...
Deep, rich, fruity, strong and smokey are some of the words that we use to describe this powerful selection. Look out for such classics as 'Beheaded' ( 7.6% ABV) - one of the strongest ales you'll find, featuring a dark and deceptively smooth taste - it's a complex flavour with a sweet taste and a real kick...

Post By Ed Mason