Everyone knows that Cornwall has a lot to offer, whether it’s the beautiful scenery, its interesting heritage or the famous Cornish pasties. Yet aside from this, Cornwall is also home to an incredibly vibrant brewing scene and boasts an array of talented cider makers. Attracting a wide and varied audience, Cornish beers and ciders are appreciated all over the world for their celebration of Cornwall’s heritage and for their unique local flavours. Here at Cornish Bottled Beer & Cider, we are passionate about real ale and cider, so we have outlined the reasons why you need to try them!

Image of Apples, Pears & Summer Fruit - One Dozen Cornish Apple, Pear & Berry Ciders

Cornish Grown Ingredients
Many Cornish breweries and cider makers are passionate about the beers and ciders they produce and understand what it truly means to be ‘Cornish’. That’s why a lot of them use locally grown ingredients and some of the West Country’s best apple varieties to produce delicious beers and ciders that capture the flavour of Cornwall.

A Fantastic Variety
From fruity ciders to strong bitters, Cornish beers and ciders offer a variety to suit everyone. Whether you’re a fan of light and sparkling ciders or a beer that’s a little stronger, there’s a lot of choice to find a Cornish beer and cider you really love.

Celebrate Cornwall’s Heritage
The factor that makes Cornish beer and cider unique from others is the fact that they celebrate Cornwall’s heritage. Demonstrating a real passion for the county of Cornwall, many selections are named after locations in Cornwall such as Penryn Pale Ale or Lizard Bitter for example.

Traditional Brewing Methods
Since many Cornish breweries and cider makers wish to promote Cornwall’s reputation for producing flavoursome beers and ciders, many of them use traditional brewing methods to continue this. This way, the beers and ciders they produce are unspoilt with modern techniques.

Award Winning & Unique
Even if you don’t believe us, the number of awards and the worldwide recognition that Cornish beers and ciders receive speaks for itself. The award-winning producers are dedicated to making beer and cider with an unmistakably local flavour and this is reflected in their famous products such as Tribute, Doom Bar, Betty Stogs and the Cornish Rattler range.


With a long list of reasons as to why you need to try Cornish beer and cider, we allow our customers to share in our passion! Find the beer or cider you love today by learning a little bit more about the breweries or browsing our wide range.

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