It’s a question that comes to mind for those who are quite content with the taste of both beer and cider: which is better? While both offer your taste buds something different, they also provide different health benefits. For any alcoholic drink to be healthy, moderation is the key for the body to appreciate the nutrients and flavour that can be found in beer and cider. So when you’re next deciding whether to drink a beer or a cider, we’ve compiled this short guide to delve a little deeper into the comparison of both!

Cider and beer are completely contrasting in their content. While cider is mainly made with apples, beer is rarely made with fruit juice and instead contains barley, hops and other grains. Beer also boasts more protein and vitamin B than cider and includes a decent amount of potassium too.

Image of Maiden Voyage - Ales Of Scilly (ABV 4.0%)

In terms of sugar content, this is another major difference between beer and cider. While cider can be very high in sugar content and is naturally gluten-free, beer only has sugar added to it in small quantities to balance the sourness. However despite the differing ingredients in both, cider and beer both have similar levels of carbohydrates and calories.

Additionally, beer can range from ales to lagers and bitters which perhaps makes it more varied than cider. For cider lovers, it is the natural fruit flavour that makes it unique from other drinks.

Production Process
The clear difference in the production process between the two is that beer is produced by breweries and cider is produced by cider makers. When beer is being brewed, naturally occurring polyphenols are often removed as they can cause beer to appear cloudy in appearance. This is not the case with wine and cider since the sharper taste is still present in them. Cider is so close to wine in fact that if it is made more than 5.5% ABV, it would then be considered a wine!

Image of Blush Cider - Cornish Orchards (ABV 4.5%)

On paper, cider may be the most popular choice of drink worldwide with the British consuming nearly half of all cider produced! Cider is also popular in the USA but this has declined after the introduction of German lagers in the 19th century. The gluten-free nature of cider may also play a factor in its continued popularity, whereas many types of beer cannot be consumed by celiacs.

Whatever your thoughts on the above statistics, the only way to decide whether beer or cider is truly your favourite is to try a variety!

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