Situated in Lizard, the Cornish Chough brewery is the most southerly brewery in the UK. Established in 2011, the brewery have been developing their recipes for over twenty years, having traded previously as the Organic Brewhouse. In their fine selection, you will find beers such as Lizard Storm, Serpentine and Fire Raven.

Andy Hamer is the brewery’s leading brewer who has been creating recipes for a long period of time. All of their beers and ales are produced with the finest ingredients including water drawn from two elements of Serpentine rock. It is this high quality of water and unique ingredients with Andy’s expertise that makes the beer so flavoursome.

Named after the local bird of the same name, Cornish choughs suffered from habitat loss until 2001, when there was a small influx of wild choughs into Lizard. Since 2002, these three birds nest every year at this location.

Cornish Chough brewery chooses to use local artists and illustrators to design and promote their products. The brewery also has the support of various nearby attractions including JD Wetherspoons in Cornwall, the Eden Project and other farmers markets and retailers.

Passionate about what they produce, the brewery aim to create unique real ales without losing the speciality of original recipes. Their beers are named with a reason, for example Fire Raven has its title derived from the literal Latin translation of Cornish Chough.

Here are a few from their selection:

Cadgwith Crabber
Cadgwith Crabber is a superbly balanced premium golden beer. An initial citrus palate leads to light fruit and a clean refreshing finish. The beer is extremely moorish and begs you to return for another!

Cadgwith Crabber - Cornish Chough (ABV 4.3%)

Fire Raven
A distinctive, full bodied Porter. Fire Raven pours a deep dark brown colour with a very nice tan coloured head. Aromas are nutty with notes of heavily roasted malts, some light and dark fruits, cocoa and mineral hops.

Fire Raven - Cornish Chough (ABV 4.7%)

Lizard Storm
Rich amber in colour with a full bodied, big breasted malt and hop aroma, brash spice and fruit dominate this premium classic bitter, satisfying to the last.

Lizard Storm - Cornish Chough (ABV 4.8%)

Serpentine has a big malty nose, a bittersweet palate and a finish balanced by a rich malt and tangy hops. It is brewed using floor malted wheat and chocolate malts, along with the finest whole hops, all of which were grown to organic standards.

Serpentine - Cornish Chough (ABV 4.0%)

To view the full range from Cornish Chough, please click here.

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