While many breweries have their own take on cider, Cornish Orchards is one that perhaps uses the most natural way of producing true flavour. It was all started by Andy Atkinson who began at Westnorth Manor Farm in 1992 and wished to reproduce apple orchards and enhance natural environments. He eventually owned an exceptionally wide range of Cornish apples ready to generate a perfect habitat.

Cornish orchards are best known for producing high quality ciders, but they also offer ginger beer and apple juices. Inspired by a combination of fruity flavours, Atkinson started by selling Cornish apple juices to local areas. Due to the success of the juices, he then decided to create a range of ciders.


It was the popularity of the apple juices that inspired Atkinson to continue creating his love of fresh and fruity flavours in different forms. After only 24 hours of pressing, the apple juices are then bottled to ensure a fresh and pure flavour. In addition, the range of sparkling soft drinks are combined with fresh Cornish water, highlighting their true Cornish quality. These methods are incorporated across all of their beverages to ensure they are providing only the finest quality products.

Image of Blush Cider - Cornish Orchards (ABV 4.5%)

TodayOver the years, Cornish Orchards have won many awards and achievements due to their hard work, commitment and excellent produce. These include being nominated in the ‘Best Drink Category’ in 2014 and reaching the final of the ‘Cornwall Life Food & Drink Awards’. Now, with a team of more than 30 locally employed staff, they continue to produce a range of high quality refreshments for many markets nationally.

Image of Wassail Mulled Cider - Cornish Orchards (ABV 4.0%)

Cider & Ginger Beer
As cider experts in Cornwall, every product is reviewed before it is bottled. Produced without sweeteners or artificial flavours, all of the ciders offer an exceptional fruity flavour and unique taste.

Image of Alcoholic Ginger Beer - Cornish Orchards (ABV 4.0%)

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