From the heart of Cornwall, Healey’s is about more than just the cultivation of apples. Bringing the county’s cider making art to life, Healey’s have always aimed to produce a quality drink that everyone will love. Today they have become award winning makers of ciders, juices, spirits and jams, but how did it all start?

Healey’s cider farm is actually a combination of orchards, barns, trees and a 16th century press in order to create the business they are today. It all started in 1980 when David and Kay Healey first opened an off-licence in Mevagissey and in 1982, they bought Domellick Farm where they first started to make real cider.

Image of Scrumpy - Healey's (ABV 7.4%)

It wasn’t until 1990 that the first Cornish Gold Cider was produced and then Scrumpy which was developed later in 1992. Public demand and interest began to grow for the company and Healey’s farm shop was eventually opened in 1993. With everything being produced right on the farm, the unique apples are derived exclusively from Healey’s orchards. This gives the cider a ripe and tasteful flavour.


Although Healey’s may be best known for producing cider, they also produce fruit wines, brandy and whiskey. In 2003, Healey’s developed the first brandy in Cornwall and named it Captain Broad. Additionally, in 2011 they released England’s oldest whiskey with much more likely to come.

Image of Cornish Rattler Cider - Healey's (ABV 6.0%)

It is now an iconic drink, but Rattler has actually only been around since 2006. Since then, it is has become incredibly popular with people all over the world and boasts a variety of fruity flavours. Rattler is refreshing and leaves a feisty bite in the mouth.


Healey’s traditional cider brewery continues to grow and strive to develop new and exciting flavours. For our full range of Healey’s cider, please click here.

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