Specialising in producing a range of hand-crafted ciders, St Ives Cider uses traditional techniques to create uniquely flavoured ciders. An independent company, the selection has widely expanded since its launch and offer a variety of tasty apple flavours.

It all started as a family business by David and Kate Berwick who used their knowledge of winemaking to develop ciders. David established his own way of making cider and method of fermentation to enhance the true apple taste. Produced with a hands-on approach, David analyses each process to ensure every litre created is of top quality.

Image of Smeatons Sparkling Cider - St Ives Cider (ABV 6.5%)

Starting as a 23 year old winemaker, David Berwick won numerous awards for his winemaking skills yet it wasn’t until 2012 that he returned to the alcohol industry to launch St Ives Cider. Since 1998, David and Kate Berwick have been living in Cornwall and once ran an estate agency in St Ives and Hayle before establishing the brewery.

Image of Clodgy Cloudy Cider - St Ives Cider (ABV 6.5%)

First Two Ciders
Clodgy Cloudy and Smeatons Sparkling were the first two ciders launched by St Ives Cider. Clodgy Cloudy is both unfiltered and still with sweet apple juice to create a crispy apple cider. In contrast, Smeatons is twice filtered and carbonated to give a light sparkle. While Clodgy is more of a traditional farmhouse cider, Smeatons is a more modern cider.

Image of Porth Pear Cider - St Ives Cider (ABV 4.5%)

The Selection
The cider selection has now expanded to Bamaluz Sweet and Porth Pear in addition to seasonal and limited ranges. Bamaluz is a light and refreshing sweet cider with a crispy apple tang and a smooth finish. It is ideal for summer picnics or just to relax with after a long day. Porth Pear is also sweet, light and sparkling and contains a refreshing flavour that bursts on the tongue.

Due to the love for St Ives, each cider is titled after a local place or event to keep with the close connection. To view the full selection from St Ives Cider, please click here.

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