It may be one of the most popular drinks in the world, yet there are many things about cider that you are unlikely to know about. Made with a unique production and brimming with apple juice flavour, cider is a beverage that has been around many years. Like beer, there are many different varieties and it is appreciated all over the world. So what is it that makes cider so distinctive? We take a look at some of the most unusual facts about our favourite fruity drink in this blog!

Image of Cornish Berry Cider - Polgoon Vineyard & Orchard (ABV 4.0%)

8. It Is Most Popular In Spain
When it comes to cider drinking, countries that may come to mind include Ireland, Britain or perhaps France. However it is in Spain’s Basque region that cider is drunk the most in the world!

7. Cider Apples Are Not Tasty
They may be the base of a great drink when fermented but cider apples are not recommended to be eaten. Sharp in taste and chewy in texture, they do not make a pleasant snack.



6. Used For Baptism
It may be hard to believe but cider was once used to baptise children in the 14th century. This was due to being cleaner than water at the time.

5. 36 Apples Per Gallon
About 36 apples are needed to make a gallon of apple cider. Allowed to ferment at a very low alcohol volume, it was once the most cheapest and widely available drink other than water.

Image of Cornish Gold Cider - Cornish Orchards (ABV 5.0%)

4. Once Used As Payment
In the 18th century, cider was used to pay for up to a fifth of wages for farm labourers!

3. Close To Wine
By law, cider can’t be made more than 5.5% ABV because it would otherwise be considered as wine.

Image of Scrumpy - Healey's (ABV 7.4%)

2. Naturally Gluten-Free
Cider is naturally gluten-free since it is mainly made from apples and water. This makes it a great drink for celiacs and those on a gluten-free diet.

1. Has A Long History
If you thought cider had been around for a while, you’d be right. Fermenting apple juices originates from at least the Roman era in 55 B.C.

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