While we all know that cider is made of apples, there are so many variations in flavours and appearance that it can be hard to determine what makes Cornish cider truly unique. Refreshing, light and fruity are just some of the great qualities of cider and it’s no wonder that it is a popular choice of drink for the Cornish on a Sunday afternoon! So in case you haven’t tried them all, we’ve compiled a guide as to how each company has their own take on a classic cider.

Cornish Orchards
Boasting one of Cornwall’s most popular ciders, Cornish Gold Cider has helped to make Cornish Orchards an award winning cider company. Since 1992 Cornish Orchards have been producing high quality ciders and apple juices with the use of Cornish apples. The farm is also renowned for offering a combination of fruity flavours free from artificial sweeteners.

Image of Cornish Gold Cider - Cornish Orchards (ABV 5.0%)

Offering the famous selection of Rattlers, Healey’s rejuvenated Cornwall’s cider heritage and brought the county’s cider making art to life. The Rattler ciders come in Original, Berry, Pear and Cloudy and while they are strong, they are also full of sweet fruity flavour. What’s more, Healey’s cider farm continues to grow with new and exciting flavours.

Image of Cornish Rattler Cider - Healey's (ABV 6.0%)

PolgoonBased in Penzance, Polgoon Vineyard & Orchard are committed to producing a high quality range of artisan ciders and wines. Not only does it produce berry and pear flavours and the classic Polgoon, the company continues to make production more efficient without losing their artisanal style.

Image of Cornish Berry Cider - Polgoon Vineyard & Orchard (ABV 4.0%)

Cornwall Cider Co
With their aim of using only the finest ingredients, Cornwall Cider Co are dedicated to using the West Country’s best apple varieties. They have been producing craft cider from fresh apples since 2013 and continue to use traditional methods to ensure the best flavours are created.

Image of Lyonesse - Cornwall Cider Co (ABV 5.0%)

St Ives Cider
Ranging from sparkling cider to cloudy cider to Hell’s Mouth, St Ives Cider use traditional techniques to create uniquely flavoured ciders. An independent company, the hand-crafted range of ciders has widely expanded since its launch and will be offering more great flavours to come.

Image of Clodgy Cloudy Cider - St Ives Cider (ABV 6.5%)

We’re sure this round-up of ciders is sure to quench your thirst, so find a new flavour to try in our cider selection!

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