When it comes to tasting delicious food and drink, nothing can quite compare to the flavours real Cornish produce can offer. Home to a vibrant brewing scene and an array of talented cider makers, Cornwall is renown for much more than just traditional pasties. Cornish beers and ciders are appreciated all over the world for their celebration of Cornwall’s heritage and for their unique local flavours. So as a reminder of Cornwall’s finest flavours, you can find something for everyone in our superb range of Cornish hampers whether it’s a gift for a relative or a treat for yourself!

‘From Belgium To Bohemia Via Bavaria’ Lager Hamper
If you’re a fan of lager, this Cornish gift hamper offers a delightful mix to suit every mood. Filled with six fine lager bottles, the gift contains continentally inspired Cornish lager beer.

Image of 'From Belgium To Bohemia Via Bavaria' Lager Hamper

‘A Taste Of Cornwall’ Cider Hamper
Filled with tasty treats including cider, crisps and biscuits, this wonderful Cornish cider gift hamper will no doubt satisfy your taste buds.

Image of 'A Taste Of Cornwall' Cider Hamper

‘A Taste Of Cornwall’ Beer Hamper
A perfectly balanced selection for a beer lover, this superb Cornish gift is suitable for any occasion. It contains a range of Cornish beer, crisps and savoury biscuits.

Image of 'A Taste Of Cornwall' Beer Hamper

Cornish Strong Ales Mini Hamper
If you’re looking for something a little stronger to enjoy at home, this superb Cornish hamper is the perfect choice. Offering two strong ales and some assorted crisps, this mini hamper makes the ideal treat.

Image of Cornish Strong Ales Mini Hamper

Cornish Pale Ales Mini Hamper
If you’re not a fan of stronger Cornish beverages, why not try a small selection of pale ales to test your taste buds? This excellent mini hamper contains subtle clean beers and assorted crisps.

Image of Cornish Pale Ales Mini Hamper

Cornish Best Bitters Mini Hamper
Treat yourself to a small selection of Cornwall’s finest bitters with this unique mini hamper. Filled with two famous Cornish bitters and assorted crisps, this hamper makes the perfect gift for anyone.

Image of Cornish Best Bitters Mini Hamper

Although these are only a few of our favourites from the full Cornish hampers collection, you are sure to find something to satisfy everyone this season in our great range!

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