If you enjoy trying different Cornish beers, ciders and ales, the opportunity to create your own box of favourites is one that you shouldn’t miss out on. We know the importance of getting a gift just right and that’s why we offer a special bespoke box for your own choices from our famous bottle store. Choose from six or twelve bottles and have them delivered straight to your door!

Here are a few to consider:

Gold Organic Pale Ale
This sweet ale is spiced with ginger to create a refreshing drink. It contains pale malt, dry and grassy hop notes and a lively ginger aroma.

Image of Gold Organic Pale Ale - Atlantic Brewery (ABV 4.6%)

Cornish Gold Cider
This immensely refreshing cider has a light champagne sparkle with fruity apple tones and a long dry finish.

Image of Cornish Gold Cider - Cornish Orchards (ABV 5.0%)

Berry Rattler Cider
Developed in 2010, Berry Rattler is made from blending the original Cornish Rattler with sweet summer berries.

Image of Berry Rattler Cider - Healey's (ABV 4.0%)

This strong, still, award winning Cornish Farm Cyder has the clean and refreshing taste of real Cornwall.

Image of Scrumpy - Healey's (ABV 7.4%)

Tribute is a bronze coloured English bitter with a rich aroma of biscuity malt and tart citrus fruit from the Willamette hops. It makes an ideal alternative to fine white wine.

Image of Tribute - St Austell Brewery (ABV 4.2%)

Sparkling Cider
More of a modern cider, fermented to full dryness, sweetened with apple juice, twice filtered and carbonated to give a light sparkle.

Image of Smeatons Sparkling Cider - St Ives Cider (ABV 6.5%)

St Austell's most legendary ale, HSD is full bodied, strong and Cornish, brimming with flavours. It is brewed with plenty of malt and lashings of English Fuggles and Golding hops.

Image of HSD - St Austell Brewery (ABV 5.0%)

Proper Job
Proper Job is brewed with Cornish spring water and malt made from a blend of malts including Cornish grown Maris Otter barley. It is a powerfully hopped golden bitter that explodes with citrus grapefruit flavours.

Image of Proper Job - St Austell Brewery (ABV 5.5%)


From classics to modern beverages, we offer a wide variety of beers, ciders and ales for your own gift box. Create yours by clicking here.

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